Bath & Body Works Forever Red

I have been an avid Bath & Body Works shopper for what seems like forever! I started out loving the lotions and then when I moved into a place of my own, I swayed more towards the home fragrances. They have the BEST candles and room sprays! I like their wallflowers as well but I am definitely a candle person! I am obsessed with one of their new candle scents from the White Barn Collection, it’s called French Baguette! Oh, it is heavenly! Who doesn’t want their kitchen smelling like you just pulled a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven?!

Even though I am obviously infatuated with the entire home fragrance collection, I still love the body and bath products. I love that they have kept their timeless and classic scents around such as Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cucumber Melon and especially their holiday scents but it is also nice that they are continuously coming out with new scents. I love to try new things! Here lately they have came out with some really great scents such as Cashmere Glow, which is the latest lotion that I have added to my collection and their newest, which is Forever Red. If you haven’t tried it, you most definitely should! I received the sample size in my Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster and have absolutely fell in love with it. I love rich, sensual fragrances and this fragrance really hits the nail on the head. It’s perfect for date night, or a night out but can also be worn as an everyday fragrance. It’s perfect and so very versatile. It is classified as one of Bath & Body Works Signature Collections but it runs a little higher in price. The products aren’t in the standard Signature Collection bottle, the bottles are a little fancier, hence the higher price. The prices run from $15.00 up to $44.50. The cheapest being lip gloss and most expensive being the perfume. I say the perfume is well worth the price and I will definitely be buying more when my sample size runs out! Once a Bath & Body Works lover, always a Bath & Body Works lover!